Coin Master Links & Rewards for free Spins

How important are spins and coins in Coin Master?

If you are a huge fan of Coin Master, but you are constantly struggling with having a small number of coins and spins it can be really frustrating. The in-game currencies are probably the most important aspect of the game. With them, everything seems so easy! You don’t have any waiting times, you can open as many chests as you want and you can increase your village level much faster. The big problem: Getting a large number of spins and coins can be not only difficult but also super expensive.

Basically, Coin Master is pay to win. The more spins you purchase, the easier it is for you to be successful in the game. It doesn’t how many months or years you already play Coin Master. If there is a person, who just started playing the game, but invests thousands of dollars in it, he will easily outplay you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the same capabilities when it comes to purchasing in-game currencies. This aspect makes pay to win games extremely unequal. Luckily for you, there is on strategy on how to get free spins and coins on Coin Master!

Legit method for free Coin Master spins and coins

Forget about cheats and hacks for Coin Master, because from now on you will be able to get spins and coins for free without risking your account. What I am talking about are the “daily Coin Master links”, which get published every single day directly from official sources. With this great method, you will be able to earn free spins and coins just by opening the link on your smartphone or tablet. The Coin Master links are a legitimate method for everyone who is not into using cheats or other tools for the game.

If you have ever searched for free Coin Master spins on YouTube you will understand what I mean. There are so many videos showing you tools like a “Coin Master hack”, which might not work at all. It has been very confusing whether to believe if such tools are actually working or not. Some people might even question if it’s possible to earn free coins and spins in a legitimate way. At the moment we found the Coin Master links and rewards as the only legit method to earn the expensive in-game currencies absolutely for free.


While so many other players keep spending their hard-earned money for spins you will be able to get them for free on a daily basis. Besides this, you will be able to unlock events and other great specials. It only takes two minutes to redeem the rewards by using the daily Coin Master links. The biggest plus is you won’t face any consequences because the links are being published directly from the developers. The links for Coin Master are a great opportunity for everyone who wants to avoid annoying waiting times.

Coin Master links are a great method to earn additional spins and coins!

Where to find Coin Master links and rewards

You will find them on websites, blogs, Facebook groups, and also on specific apps for iOS and Android. We recommend you use the following apps because if you search for links and rewards on Facebook or other sources you might end up finding non-working links or fake links. The apps, however, will send you notifications once they added new Coin Master links. It saves you a lot of time and patience since you don’t need to search through any groups or blogs.

The applications below are 100% free and have been approved by Apple and Google!

Coin Master Links App for iOS

Coin Master Links App for Android

Keep in mind: We didn’t develop the applications. We found dozens of apps on the Google Play and App Store, but most of them were not updated. Both of the apps above not only include daily links, but also many other great tips, tricks, and guides for Coin Master. It is definitely worth checking it out.

Simply push on the button and get free coins and spins!

How to redeem the rewards

If you want the spins and coins you only need to navigate to the “daily links” and click on the specific buttons. That’s it! The link will open and it automatically starts the game to add the free coins and spins to your account. It is by far the easiest and fasted method!

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